About The Wisconsin Chapter of the Public Risk Management Association

The Wisconsin chapter of the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMAWI) is one of 27 PRIMA chapters in the nation.

For three decades, the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) has been the one-stop resource for educational programming, risk resources and networking opportunities for public sector risk managers.

The association’s mission is to promote effective risk management in the public interest as an essential component of public administration.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., PRIMA is the largest risk management association dedicated solely to the practice of risk management in the public sector. PRIMA’s membership is made up of more than 2,000 entities in more than 1,800 jurisdictions.

PRIMA’s members coordinate risk management, purchase insurance, manage human resources, administrate safety and environmental programs, manage labor issues, handle parks and recreation programs and much more. They adhere to a strict code of ethics, a standard of professional conduct as it applies to member work-related activities.


For a reasonable fee, membership in the Wisconsin Chapter of  the Public Risk Management Association is open to public entities and associated service providers as further defined:

  • Public Entity Members — governments, governmental agencies, political subdivisions, school districts, colleges and universities
    • Pools operated by public entities are considered Public Entity Members.
  • Associate Members — organizations that actively market risk management related products and services

Download our 2023 membership form/invoice (PDF)

For additional information on joining our chapter, contact one of the following people, or use our contact form.  Or email info@wiprima.org.

Wisconsin Chapter Officers and Directors

President – Nate Froemming

Vice President – Scott Teuscher 

Treasurer – David Kodel

Secretary - Megan Rogers

Membership Director – Jessica Schroeder

Director at Large – Mark Clark

Director at Large – Kevin Miller 

Student Director - Vacant 


Wisconsin Public Risk Management Association